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We all know how celebrity lifestyle is I think our women should understand this it not easy for us we go out to hunt for food so that they family go dey okay and smooth please try understand this with us we all know what you people too are going through please bear this with us thanks isreal take heart our wife too should take heart we all get hurt in this same process nobody is okay, we all fight for each other to survive if this man stop to go out and search for Money like this and come home and stay with you all day and night just to make your satisfaction madam tell us the truth will you be happy no money for food and even to take care of children school fees and taxes, Billings and everything that is mainly for him to settle so the family have a good life and peace how will you feel okay that time you will call him names like lazy man, poor thing, and do him sort of nonsense you feel we know you guys issue only settled once you have your own satisfaction if you are not okay staying home good go and join him and see how everything will go over there don’t just wake up one day and start acting like you don’t know what man is going through if men’s don’t Hustle for money madams no way you too will have money or even feel better so if you see your misunderstanding you can accept and apologize to your family and stay as one like before this is our little contribution on this case thanks , on your favorite blog site Hitnaijafresh ▶️🎵🔊💪💔

Family crisis_Isrealdmw

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