Update:@Slyvester Madu _ Cameroon movie shooting

It was all fun in Cameroon with him but one thing happens that on his way coming back he got embarrassed by his fanz that he defrauded #100 Naira from him but there was nothing like attack in Cameroon oo declined any update from this one thanks yes because there is alot of post about this very case and secondly we have to be careful as he said AI can do alot even serve Al can generate exactly human image, also voice and lot more please when ever you want to do business with anyone online or out line make sure you meet with the person one on one for a good business deal before you pay the money and bewise enough to study people appearances physical if you don’t trust don’t hand over a job to them becarefull and bewarn the art that lady display there with him happens to alot of us celebrities and online marketers so becarefull please out there and stay of anything scam, on your favorite blog site Hitnaijafresh ▶️🎵🔊💪💔

Cameroon movie shooting_Slyvester Madu






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