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He put this Advice for everyone’s but married once and those ones that are not so that if you which or you are in it you have to take the second option from him if you are ready for it in other areas marriage is not what you will just sit down and dream about or even cage it because the truth is that it full of up and down , the reason why he said this is concerned Isrealdmw family crisis so this is like a piece of advice to the victims because sometimes somebody will just be full of I want to get married but not ready to withstand the outcome in it so we don’t have to reasons like children immediately you start to plans about how you want to marry cause it is not one day something this is everlasting handcuffs from God to human so you should have it your back of your mind that it occurred alot of situations inside, on your favorite blog site Hitnaijafresh ▶️🎵🔊💪







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