He said “In this same office years ago 2face idibia come and visit me and take me on a vacation with him, for me to join him over 1yr was spent with him but at the end 2face accused him that he slept with his wife and it was so embarrassed to him it was at his front 2face ask her wife he slept with you or not and that speech pace him off on that day he left 2face house back to his office and another one of his friend come second time to still pick him on another vacation just as 2face did he join and that one ended in quarrels with the similar topic he even go ahead to turn his work down after he finish writing a song for him , 2face later come back with apologize format to reconcile with him but he accepted the apologie but he doesn’t forget what he did to him then and even the other of his friend did the same apologize currency he accepted but he doesn’t forget what he do to him this shows that you should not be what or do what them say about you just let them lying against you so that God will jugdes them with their conscience, on your favorite blog site Hitnaijafresh ▶️🎵🔊💪

Brymo_speak up again 2face idibia and his friends

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